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We offer a personalised service in advice, planning, installation and decoration up to operational monitoring, all aimed at the satisfaction of our clients.

After an initial interview free of charge, our agency supports you in building your vision of a tailor-made interior design projects.


During construction works, we intervene at the planning phase to cater to your specific requirements, such as modification of partition walls, the disposition of power outlets and lights, or even by creating a storage space seperating two areas. We can thus spare you superfluous works arising after taking possession of your new home.

In restorative works, we optimise the potential of your private, public or professional areas by anticipating every aspect of your project and assessing its feasibility."

We work according to your budget with creativity and thoroughness, completing construction or renovation through audacity in the conception and the highest quality of work and finitions. We are fully dedicated to achieving your goal, and remain attentive to your thoughts and ideas as you will be in control of the whole creation process. 

    Phone: +33 6 82 83 67 40